When to visit Polignano a mare

Polignano a Mare, the pearl of the Adriatic

Puglia and Polignano a Mare are always beautiful, in every season of the year. Here the climate is mild and the sea guarantees climatic and psychological comfort . However, if you want to choose the right season according to your needs or your aptitudes, we give you some interesting advice to follow.

Polignano in spring
If you love mild seasons and peace, spring is the right season to discover Polignano a Mare. Temperatures gradually warm up but the heat is not suffocating and there are fewer tourists than in the deep summer. The sea is clean and nature begins to awaken giving wonderful views.

Polignano in summer
Summer gives the city its own light. Big events like Red Bull Cliff Diving or the Libro Possible Festival and a lot of tourists fill the city. You can organize a Boat trip or a tour of the most beautiful beaches in the area. In the city there is always life from morning to evening and even at night.

Polignano in autumn
When the beaches begin to empty, here comes autumn. But here autumn is not that of falling leaves, or at least only partially. The winter cold is still far away and People take the opportunity to take a swim in September, but also in October. You can visit the neighboring towns, such as Alberobello or Ostuni.

Polignano in winter
Winter in Polignano a mare is not very cold. Therefore you can take the opportunity to deepen historical or cultural interests, to visit exhibitions and museums. During the Christmas period the town is filled with lights and pleasant events