The Town and the History

Polignano a Mare, the pearl of the Adriatic
An ancient legend says that a piece of the Greek coast drifted and came to merge with the Apulian coast. The origins of the town still have many questions, however, scholars believe that around the fourth century BC, Dionysius the 2nd, tyrant of Syracuse, founded one of Neapolis Peuceta. The strategic location allowed for the control of the burgeoning shipping trade, towards the Ionian Sea. It first appeared as a statio along the Trajan Way, which connected Rome to Brindisi, the boarding point for the East, via Egnathia, now home to an archaeological park and museum. Some remains of the Roman road can still be seen as one descends the stairway next to the bridge. Continuing on the path, you reach a small pebbled beach, the ancient port, from which you can see the extraordinary skill with which, the ancient inhabitant of the city, built their town overlooking the sea.