The contemporary art museum Pino Pascali

Polignano a Mare, the pearl of the Adriatic
The contemporary art museum Pino Pascali, housed in Pino Pascali Palace for many years, is now in a bigger building in Via Parco del Lauro in the ancient restored slaughterhouse.
Pino Pascali, sculptor, set designer and performer, was born in 1935 to parents who lived in Polignano a Mare.
In 1956 he moved to Rome, where he enrolled at the Accademy of Fine Arts. After graduating he began working as an assistant designer in RAI (main Italian broadcasting corporation).
At the same time he started working with Sandro Lodolo, realizing commercials and television themes.
In his works Pino Pascali used the roots of Mediterranean culture ( the fields, the sea, the land and animals) through playful art.
A series of works dedicated to weapons, real toys made by recycled materials (metals, straw, ropes).
Just at the height of his career, while some of his works were exhibited at the Venice Biennale, he died in Rome in 1968 in a motorcycle accident.
He is buried in the cemetery of Polignano a Mare.
Pascali emerged throughout Italy and on a worldwide scale for the originality of his expressive language in describing his artistic style and design concept. The museum holds television and theater sets designed by him, his bibliographic archive, text study posters, photos, original filmographies. The museum houses also paintings and sculptures. The contemporary art museum is a treasure for those who carry out studies and research in this area.
The Pino Pascali Foundation is the only contemporary art museum in Puglia; a part of a permanent collection, there are also temporary exhibitions and the Pino Pascali competition.
Every year, the Pino Pascali Prize, established in 1969 by his parents, is awarded to an artist by a panel of art critics and expert on historical art.
The Museum is open every day except Monday, from 11 am to 1 pm 5 pm to 9 pm.


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